Radioactiv Beer / Flash Animation
Client: BcnConnection / Direction and Art Direction.

“”I have always found electronic music to be an inspiration and source of creativity”

What started in my mind as a simple idea every time I attended a music event, my desire to make these videos possible increased. So I decided to move forward and started creating some movie concepts, shooting and arranging them as a dvd playing in a continuous loop.

One of the goals of this initiative was to create an artistic and visual atmosphere in any nightclub or music event where the combination of music and visuals would add a new level of experience for this kind of audience.
The movies were made for an audience who in a social setting will only pay attention for a limited amount of time, and they will be hiding a subliminal concept or basic storytelling line. My thoughts were to loop these experimental videos in order to slow down the pace at which we take in our mental visual information; in essence, to become more present.

Projections in the Mountain Bar China town, L.A and Down town L.A (Green sector).